28mm Cavern Terrain Set

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For tabletop role play games like D&D, Pathfinder, etc. Make your scatter terrain more versatile with this cavern set. A simple base with interchangeable terrain miniatures that you can place onto your base, or use separately to spice up your map.  Items made to be printed on FDM printers. The base needs support, but the miniatures are made to print without support. The cavern base is also high enough you can fit a small battery LED light underneath for lighting effects. We do recommend drilling a hole into the platform where the mini's sit to let more light in or to print in transparent and paint the rest to help give more light.


- One cavern base terrain mound

- Two crystal miniatures (one small one large)

- Two stalagmite Miniatures (one small one large)

- Two Mushroom miniatures (one small one large)

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