Shroomie Micro BJD Sprite


This was a fun character I came up with to test how small and how quickly I could sculpt a ball jointed doll. This tiny little fairy or sprite is inspired by tiny little mushroom caps. This little sprite is nicknamed Shroomie, and this little creature will add a little magic to your life (or perhaps a little mischief). This super tiny doll that can be a fun companion to any other larger doll.?

Can be printed without supports, but could use some in a few areas for best detail. I printed this little guy on my mono select mini printer with 80% infill no support but with a brim to help the small pieces stick to the build plate better.  A craft knife will help clean the print from support and any blobs. Can be sanded depending upon the material printed with and painted. This little guys is a ball jointed doll. It has very basic and simple single ball joints for 4 points of movement in shoulders, hips, and neck.  The doll also needs to be strung.

You will also need some thin (1mm thick or less) elastic cord and a small 4mm jump ring. Take two pieces of cord (3-4 inches) and string one end of the cord through a leg, across the lower torso holes, string the other leg, then take the ends from each side up through the leg holes, and through the torso to neck hole and the lower head hole. Tie tightly onto jump ring inside the head. Take the second cord and string hand  rather like you would a bead,m and take BOTH ends of the cord, though the torso shoulder holes to other side. Then string through other and and tie tightly off and trim ends. Check out my youtube channel onhow I have strung other dolls fora closer look at how to string.

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