Lightie the lightning bug BJD tiny doll


(updated!) I got a new printer and decided to get on pinshape and get more active again. To my surprise they were holding a phenomenal contest...that was ending in a couple days. Inspired I looked to inspiration from the contest, my new printer and the filament I had on hand. So I bring to you a new character: Lightie, the lightning bug/firefly ball jointed doll.  Lightie is a fairy bug, or a type of fairy that takes on insect attributes, much like how some fairies look a little like flowers. Lightie, is a special bug. He is not to be squashed! He helps those that suffer from bad dreams and need a little magical light to calm them in the night. Good sleep truly helps me personally as a bad night with nightmares, tend to trigger some major health problems. So a little friend to protect me and others from the dangers in the dark,  truly hits home for me.   The lower half is meant to be in transparent, and the rest if possible in glow in the dark filament. If sized up a little, you can even fit in a tiny LED. I will add any tweaks to the design in the future to get even better posing and design as well as extras and swap-able pieces in the near future. Fully jointed with double joints, this little fairy bug has 20 points of articulation including the antenna and wings. The wings and head cap are magnetic, and this model requires a bit of post work.  See my youtube channel on stringing dolls, for help, or shoot me a message! ( I will get a video on how to fully put together little lightie as soon as I can. Once parts are cleaned up, take two pieces of thin elastic cord 1mm thick or smaller, a 6-8mm wide jump ring, and 8 magnets (Two: 3mm wide by 1m tall for the front of the head and head cap, and Six magnets that are 3mm wide but 2-3mm tall for the back of the head and the wings). Take one piece of cord though the hole at the wrist, then take both ends and string through one set of arm parts. String through the shoulder holes to other side, then string the other arm parts, Tie the elastic as the wrist tightly. Take the second piece of cord and loop through the smallest bug abdomen part and like the arm take the cord through the torso/lower half parts up through the hip and middle torso part and up through the chest and out the neck hole into the head. Tie tightly onto jump ring inside the head. Glue in magnets, taking care to make sure which way your poles are facing. If the antenna don't fit into the head holes, use a craft night to gently widen the holes until they fit. Use a small 5mm bead and some putty like poster tac to put in some eyes if desired. Paint/color, and print in any workable material and colors. Lightie has been printed on a mono select mini printer at "normal" or medium settings. No support was needed for my printer, I did pre-built a few support structures on the ears, and any other needed areas. I do recommend a good brim though and to start the first layer least on a slower setting to best stick parts to the build plate.

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