Pokédex Like iPhone (6/6s/7) Plus Case

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This Pokédex like case will fit the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, and the iPhone 7 Plus. Only difference is it has hole for the headphone jack that wouldn't be needed on the iPhone 7 unless you drilled your own. (Just kidding don't do that!)

I broke it down into 3 prints:

1. "Back of Case (Custom Supports Added).stl" - This has custom supports around the walls that will pull off when done. You can either print this, or use the "Back of Case COPY (Needs Support).stl" and add supports another way.

2. "Door of Case (Doesn't Need Support).stl" - This doesn't need supports turn on, as there is just a bit of overhang around the hings parts that printed fine for me, and the triangle hole. 

3. "Plate of all the Small Parts and Buttons (Print with Support).stl" -I printed this with supports on because I created little guides on all the buttons that may work without support, but the top part and slide have overhangs that definitely need support turned on in the slicer. This has all the small parts. I chopped the top part off the back so that way it uses less material for support, and easier clean up. I originally had all the buttons and LEDs as part of the case, but found it difficult to paint (I'm no masking expert!), thus I created all the buttons separate to make it easy to print (and possibly print in separate colors ?!?). Once all the parts are painted, I used model glue to glue them in.

I printed all at 0.14mm layer height with a 0.4mm nozzle. You probably could go to a higher layer height on the back and door, but I haven't tried it yet. 

Originally I started out with red ABS, and moved to a red PETG as I liked the color more, less warping, and was a bit easier to file and finish. But I ended up painting it red so the color didn't really matter. (Thanks to my friend David for doing the paint on the iPhone one in the pictures)

--------Background -----------

A friend (thanks Nick) asked for a Pokédex case for his iPhone 6s Plus, and I wasn't happy with what was available at the time.

I started with the design specifications that Apple provides on their website for cases (I wish every manufacturer would provide this information freely!). Not only does it give the physical dimensions of the phones, it gives information about the zones around the cameras, sensors, buttons and ports. 

I took that information and made a model of the iphone 6s plus in OnShape, and then made the case around it. This gave me the ability to make the case more form fitting for the phone. I didn't have any phone case design experience before this. As you can see in one of my pictures, I printed this out several times tweaking the design with each iteration. I probably printed it around 10 times before getting to this point. (there is still a bit to improve but I think it's ready to share).

I did create another one for a friend who has a HTC 10, that I painted differently. I don't have plans yet to release that model, but included some pictures of it here as reference. 

Design Files

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Door of Case (Doesn't Need Support).stl
9.91 MB
Plate of all the Small Parts and Buttons (Print with Support).stl
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Back of Case COPY (Needs Support).stl
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Back of Case (Custom Supports Added).stl
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