Modular Desk Organizer


Modular desk organizer with 15 total options for modules. These include various storage options, pen and other office item storage, phone and tablet modules, and more. Download and print whichever you want to use.

There are 2 variants of the optional bases, print in a different color or material as I did or not at all. The base does serve an additional purpose though, you can add magnets to each of the 4 sides to help "snap" the modules together. In addition, you can add rubber feet to either the bases or the tops to stop them sliding around. Both of these are optional and the links (affiliate) for both items are listed below:


Rubber feet

Visit my website to see more designs and work I have done.

Files included: Print and Finishing Info (.txt and PDF) and License (PDF)

Design Files

File Size

Tablet Stand Top.stl
212 KB
Slot Holder Top.stl
178 KB
Pens Single Top Body.stl
1.18 MB
Memory Storage Top v2 with USB Type C.stl
591 KB
Top Drawer.stl
40.9 KB
Drawers Comartment Body (repaired).stl
211 KB
Single Standard Base - Minimum Material.stl
408 KB
Single Standard Base.stl
386 KB
2-Compartment Top.stl
148 KB
3-Compartment Top.stl
149 KB
4-Compartment Top.stl
150 KB
Single Compartment Tall Top.stl
313 KB
Cup Coaster Top.stl
371 KB
Bottom Drawer.stl
40.8 KB
Drawers Comartment Body.stl
211 KB
Middle Drawer.stl
40.8 KB
Double Base - Minimal Matieral.stl
348 KB
Headphone Stand Top 1.stl
211 KB
Headphone Stand Top 2.stl
101 KB
Memory Storage Top.stl
278 KB
Pens Single Top .stl
244 KB
Phone Stand Top.stl
475 KB
Post-it Note Top.stl
119 KB
Slot Holder - v2 Top.stl
170 KB
Standard Double Base.stl
360 KB
Tablet Stand Base.stl
360 KB
T-Bar Top Part 1.stl
470 KB
T-Bar Top Part 2.stl
83.5 KB
262 KB
Print and Finishing Info.pdf
18.3 KB
Print and Finishing Info.txt
659 Bytes


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