Rotating Handle for Suncast Hose Cart


Summary This is a rotating handle for the Suncast Host Cart handle which doesn't spin. I bought this on Amazon but it's also available at Home Depot or Walmart at different prices. After getting it hooked up and reeling in my 125 feet of heavy rubber hose I noticed my palm skin was getting hot on the handle from the friction because the handle is stationary in your palm as you're turning it. I wanted to fix this.. I thought it would be a fun project to make a cover for it that had no friction on your hand. This turned out to be quite a task because after measuring the outer diameter I discovered the factory one was tapered so I had to create a series of rings, 6 to be exact in TinkerCad in order to taper it from the larger diameter to the smaller diameter on the hollow open end. All and all it was a fun design. I attached it by drilling a 5 mm hole in the inside end of the Suncast handle to allow me to use two 8 inch long white nylon ty-wraps to secure it through the hollow handle. One ty-wrap on the inner part of the handle acted like the head of a screw and the outer end I used the other ty-wrap as just a nut to lock the first one in place, like attaching them together. Take a look at the photos and you can see what I mean, how I attached the two together. Now the handle fits and spins nicely over the outside of the Suncast stationary handle. When your winding in 125 feet of hose now the handle doesn't spin against your palm skin creating friction. I made it out of white PLA to reflect as much sun as possible, but if it melts or deforms during the hot Georgia summer I will print a new one out of ABS. Thanks and hope you enjoyed my project. This is an excellent hose cart by the way! Print Settings Printer: AnyCubic i3 Mega Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: .2 Infill: 30% Notes: Supports are for the inner portion on the domed end so it should be printed with the round side pointed down and the tube straight up for the shorted print time and least amount of support.

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