MoJo JoJo Candy Dispenser - 2 sizes


Summary This is a remix from the following design: but I changed several things. First I made a sample and used a different jar because I did not have Nutella as used in the original print. Instead I used a Planters Peanuts 16 oz plastic container which fits perfectly into the top and has a snug fit so the threads do not have to be cut off. This smaller one works best with regular size M&M's candies. On my second remix I made the piece larger and added screw threads for a Wide Mouth Glass Mason Jar. I made the mouth opening larger to dispense M&M Peanut candies. The candies are gravity feed and sometimes do need a jiggle to get them flowing. At the bottom of the mouth there is a bowl shape to hold them from falling out on their own. I printed both in white PLA, the small one takes about 2 hours and the large one takes about 6.5 hours depending on your speed, infill and printer settings. The painted one in the photos is from the original model (link above). The original model STL file is the included small one which fits the Planters container. Print Settings Printer: AnyCubic i3 Mega Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Yes Resolution: .2 Infill: 30% Notes: I printed using 3DBestQ brand white PLA at 200/50 and 80mm/sec speed. The supports are mainly for the curved outer bottom, the mouth, ears and threads on the larger size.

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