Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lid Chamfered Edges


Summary This is remix of the Wide Mouth Mason Jar Ring / Band. I made a few mods to it like chamfered the sharp points, better overall fit in general it is not as loose. I tested it to see if it holds water but it does leak after you turn it upside down some comes out of the threads. I think if you put in a Mason Jar Washer it would probably seal it fine. I am using the threads primarily to put them into a MoJo Monkey M&M's Dispenser and use the wide mouth mason jar as the candy holder so it can screw into the top of the monkey's head. The monkey candy dispenser was designed for a smaller Nutella glass container which I do not believe screwed into the top so I was concerned if someone went to pick it up by the glass all the M&M's would go everywhere. I don't buy Nutella so I also didn't have that kind of jar to use. I did find a plastic container however that did fit the money head pretty well so I was able to use that for my first run and it holds firmly enough to not spill out if you picked it up. I will publish both versions in my channel so watch for them in a few days after this lid. Print Settings Printer: AnyCubic i3 Mega Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: .2 Infill: 50% or higher Notes: It prints kind of transparent with a lower infill and I found that on the inner part of the lid there were a few imperfections around the bottom where the seal ring is located. My test print in the photo was at only 20% infill so my next one will be at 50% or higher for better strength.

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