Anycubic i3 Mega Plug Cover with front customizable panel


Summary I used the Plug Cover by Bond72 as a starting point and after removing the ugly "hot warning sticker" from the front area of the AnyCubic i3 hotend box I needed something to give it some flair. This is for the newer Mega with the Green Locking Plug. I added a customizable plate that is attached by the Plug Cover so no additional screws are required. I did use 2 longer screws for the top because the original ones were barely able to reach and I wanted to make sure they didn't pop out from vibrations. You can load it into TinkerCad and add whatever kind of logo or text you want on the front to personalize it to your liking. I added one with the design of the AnyCubic Logo Square and my amateur radio callsign... Enjoy. Print Settings Printer: AnyCubic i3 Mega Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Yes Resolution: .2 Infill: 20 Notes: It needs less support if you print it with the flat side down but that may affect your logo, text or whatever you add to the front design so in that case print it up with supports.

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