Enhanced Hair Dryer And Straightener holder


This was inspired by another design: https://www.thingiverse.com/th...

I found the design to not feel strong enough / have enough mounts / mounts spaced out to properly mount both a dryer and hair straightener into a gyprock wall (into a batton behind it ofcourse).

Additionally, I found the hair straightener holder to be too close to the wall, so i've rotated that position to come out at 90 degrees and the gap to be off-center to suit my scenario

This design also has a number of strength upgrades such as 4 x M4 wall mounts, instead of 2x M3 wall mounts, additional reinforcing under the hair straightener holder and a thicker mounting plate.

Lastly it also has cable organizers coming off the base for both the dryer and the straightener.

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