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This is a remix of two other Things:

  • Amazon Echo Dot Wall Mount ( by TinkeringT
  • Dragon Wings ( by LordTailor

The "Echo Dot Wall Mount.stl" is just the same file from that first link. The "Inside" and "Outside" wing .stil files were split and resized from the original Dragon Wings thing in order to make them fit appropriately when combined with the Echo Dot Wall Mount.

To print this just load the Echo Dot Wall Mount.stl in your slicer and combine it with the two Dragon Wings (inside and outside) .stl files. Then pick your extruders/colors and you should be good to go! I included an example of how I had it loaded in Slic3r when I printed mine.

BTW: This should still look OK with a single color print!

Design Files

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Echo Dot Wall Mount.stl
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Echo Dot Wall Mount Bat Wings_Outside.stl
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Echo Dot Wall Mount Bat Wings_Inside.stl
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