Sony a6000/a6300/a6500 Camera Top Carry Handle


Summary EDIT 2/15/18 Added a taller version that is about 15mm taller. This should allow for the user to be able to see in the viewfinder without obstruction (it works for me, let me know if I need to make it taller). Currently working on adding 1/4 inch mounting points. Hole was moved about 4 mm down to allow for the cold shoe to be utilized more on the taller version. EDIT 4/9/18 A piece of 1/2 inch PVC with wood hammered in also works, I actually prefer this more. Also, a big wood screw works much better in keeping the handle from rotating. This a a piece meant to be attached as a top handle to the Sony a6000/a6300/a6500 with a SmallRigs cage. I am not sure about the compatibility with other cages, however I don't see why it should not fit. The handle itself will need to be cut from another piece of wood or printed separately (let me know if you want me to model a matching handle!). There is also a cold shoe mount on the top of the piece to add any accessories (microphone, monitor mount, light, etc.) Hardware Required: (2x) 1/4 inch screws (or M6 screws) (1x) M4 Screw (you want this to be as long as possible) OPTIONAL: Substitute for a wood screw, this grips the handle much better Let me know if I need to make any adjustments! Print Settings Printer Brand: Prusa Printer: i3 MK2S Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.15, 0.2 Infill: Solid (70-100%) Notes: On a Prusa i3 mk2S, this should not take more then 2 hours to print at 70% You can get away with using 50% infill with 2 perimeters at 0.2 layer height with PLA to cut down print time to roughly 1 hour

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