Sony a6000/a6300/a6500 SmallRigs Side Handle


Summary This is a side handle meant to be attached to a Sony a6000/a6300/a6500 cage from SmallRigs Additional materials needed are 2 1/4 inch screws and 2 M4 screws (I used machine screws, however any similarly sized screw will work). Additionally, a piece of wood will be needed to act as the grip. I can confirm that this works on an a6300 cage, however I am not sure if it will work on other cages (it should work, as the spacing of the holes are pretty universal). LINKS Cage: 1/4 inch screws: Print Settings Printer Brand: Prusa Printer: i3 MK2S Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.2, finer is better Infill: At least 30%, more would be better

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