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Summary This is one of the wallets that I sell. It's the Cardinal Wallet and i decided to share it. Because its a commercial product, I wont be able to remove the logo slot, however you can put anything you want there (the silver round thing) and i don't mind if you choose to sell it as well. It looks a little different from the one in the video and pictures because i edited it slightly since but the general design is the same. For the key, you'll need a small magnet (take a hammer and chisel 'carefully' to a ceramic magnet in necessary) and glue it into the main body. Also, you'll need to attach something metallic to the back of the key holster and obviously you'll have to file down your key. I used 2 small screws but anything metallic will do, as well as gluing it if necessary. It prints in 3 main parts (aside from the lever and key holster) so you will need to glue it. I recommend epoxy for the cover and contact cement (or epoxy) for the money clip, but really any adhesive of your choice. You can use a small washer or piece of rubber at the hinge if the arm wobbles but really it shouldnt ( nail works really well as a fulcrum for the hinge). What's important to prevent the cards from falling out is to get a really good quality thick rubber band and trim it to size as in the photo to allow it to work well. when the main body prints (without support) make sure the two 'arms' where the rubber bands will go are wobbling and flexing properly before assembling. Print Settings Printer Brand: Printrbot Printer: Simple Black Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Yes Infill: Higher is better Notes: I print in pla. The main body, lever arm and cover should be printed laying flat so that no supports are needed (dont print with supports). The key holster should be oriented so the slot is facing up so no support will be needed either. the money clip should be printed separately, possibly with a raft because it needs to print standing up vertically in order to ensure that the clip has flexibility and wont break.

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