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Summary Edition 2 of the keyslink design. I prefer this one since its very minimal and much easier to carry around. also prints faster and uses less filament. Requires furter modification of keys but if you're not afraid of a dremel (or any rotary tool) then this should be a piece of cake. Instructions print the main case vertically to avoid supports and to increase accuracy. I recommend printing on fine setting of your printer supports it. print the back and then make 2 extra copies of the key driver and print it with the thumb part flat on the bed for accuracy. cut key to a height of 10 - 12 mm and use the driver to trace an outline on the key (see picture above for how it should be positioned and oriented). cut the grooves and attach it to the key and slide it into the case from the back. place the cover onto the back and (optional) secure it with epoxy.

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