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Summary I have 3 designs here. one is a stick for the playstation vita (1st model), printed with ninjaflex. They work perfectly and really add precision to fps games. The second is a 3ds stick also printed with ninjaflex. Anyone who has tried to create a stick for the 3ds knows that it is a real challenge due to the design of the analog stick on the console. I previously uploaded one i made for hard filaments like pla and abs but i was able to completely redesign it for ninjaflex and i must say it works so well i may not have to revisit it. It almost feels perfect and really prevents my hand from cramping when playing. the third item is a little holster for the cap on the 3ds since you cant close the console with the cap on so it cant remain on. the holster is stuck to the bottom of my 3ds grip so its out of the way and the cap is always within reach when im ready to play. Instructions print the base for the 3ds cap holster in a hard filament like pla and print the rest in ninjaflex, including the cap for the 3ds stick holster (see pictures for details)

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