Summary Another addition to the KeySlink line. I wanted a holder that was a little different so i decided to make a case for it. I haven't seen anything else on the site so i'll assume its unique for now. Anyway it holds your keys. As simple as it gets but i have found it convenient. You will need flexible material to print the lfliptop file (the latch) and use a piece of pla or solid filament as the hinge. just leave about 2mm of filament on either side of the hinge when you feed it through and use a hot tool (heat the end of a flat screwdriver) and press/melt down the ends to 'rivet' it in place. The latch has two circles. one is bigger than the other and the BIG side needs to be pressed into the COVER. That stays permanently. the small circle is to open and close the case . It holds well and i've gotten orders for some :). Enjoy! P.s My keys are loose in the case but you can use a small piece of material like thin paracord or twine (or anything you choose for that matter) and loop it through the keys so they will stay together when you pull them out Print Settings Printer Brand: Printrbot Printer: Printrbot Simple Metal Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Yes Resolution: as fine as you can will produce better results Infill: i used 25% Notes: print both top and bottom parts on the sides. so the hinges are horizontal to the bed. print the latch on the flat side touching the bed. Remember, the BIG circle goes into the cover

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