Summary Update* I redesigned the clip so that it holds the bills firmly now. some were complaining that the bills fell out even after 'locking . this one is much more robust and (depending on the material you use (i use nylon), it should last for a long time. also i added an alternate thumb cap as an option.. Another wallet with money clip and card holder. this one is designed around my kingfisher wallet but i updated the slider and revamped the money clip entirely. this clip should last much longer than the conventional 'curved plastic' clips. the weakening of plastic after opening to place and store bills really makes 3d printed money clips not viable. this clip is inspired by the one on my zippo wallet and is very sturdy (so far). The rest should be familiar territory if you know my work. i have some orders for it already where i will be printing in highest quality (unlike the photos of the prototype here) so i am also sharing with you so you can use it or sell it :) Slide the cap right to show cards. Print Settings Printer Brand: Printrbot Printer: Printrbot Simple Metal Rafts: No Supports: Yes Infill: 30 Notes: I used nylon to print the entire wallet. Nylon proved best for the money clip's longevity for me so i could have printed the rest out of pla and the clip in nylon, but i love printing with nylon (taulman alloy to be specific). You will also need some form of flexible filament like ninjaflex or poly flex, or you can just use a thick rubberband. Some glue is required but its straightforward. Also, all parts should be printed flat except the money clip and flap. this is because of how they will be bending. you can experiment with printing them flat (shorter time) but nylon is the only material i've tried that prints well flat. otherwise, you'd be better off printing it on its side Post-Printing after printing all the parts, place the swivel and slider as shown in the photo into the body. make sure the slider is all the way to the left and that the swivel is horizontal. it should be installed just like the picture. next are the stoppers for the cards so they wont fall out. if you use tpu filament, print a strip 5mm wide and 0.7mm thick (experiment with how your printer prints the thickness), or you can use a wide rubberand, but they must all fit snugly into the two grooves. once they are cut to look like the photo, test your cards. if they are too hard to push up with the swivel, cut off pieces of ONE of the rubbers and keep testing and cutting till you get the perfect balance of smooth motion and cards not falling out easily. thats the 'hardest' part done with. next, slide over the cover onto the body till the slot at the bottom of the cover is directly over the opening in the slider. the cap should be able to be stuck in to the slider and 'lock the cover on. put a little crazy glue on the extruded part of the cap so that it stays in when you place it. the front is done. the money clip is easy to assemble. simply orient it the way it looks in the picture and use a piece of filament as a hinge and melt the sides of the filament to flatten and lock it into place. finally, use some 3m transfer tape or some strong glue to attach the two together (the body and money clip section - make sure you dont do it upside down). and voila! you're done. If you have questons, ask away and if you make one upload it :)

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