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Summary hy guys, back again with another keyslink. I borrowed some clues from an existing kick starter but i wanted to make it something similar, yet easy to print and is functional. use your finger to push up the keys via the small arch to lift them out Print Settings Printer Brand: Printrbot Printer: Printrbot Simple Metal Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Yes Resolution: i printed at .4 but it doesnt really matter Infill: 25% was a good balance for flexibility and rigidness Notes: just lay both sides on their backs and print. the support is there only for the small keychain loop at the top. i recommend printing 8 or spacers so you can adjust the key layout and smoothness (when it turns) by add or removing the spacers accordingly. once they're printed just use 2 m3 screws and nuts. install the first one at the 'back' of the half (the side without the where the keychain loop is). once that is tightened it now acts as a pivot. simply slide on your key and spacers and swivel it closed so the shaft lines up with the hole on the other platform and run the screw through and secure it on the other side. and that's it! if you make one lemmie see :3

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