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Summary I'm sharing another wallet that i have orders for. It was designed to be easy to assemble and to be printed with soft, flexible filament like ninjaflex, semiflex, polyflex (which is what I printed it in) etc.... Simply print and assemble with a little glue to keep it together.. This one is unbranded (the label in the photo is laser engraved after the fact) so you can sell it as you please. keep in mind that it was designed to be used with a credit card phone charger (https://www.amazon.com/Thinnest-OCTOPUS-Portable-2300mAh-Charger/dp/B01DQ97S8S/ref=sr_1_1?s=wireless&ie=UTF8&qid=1467615170&sr=1-1&keywords=B01DQ97S8S) but you can put anything in that slot if it fits. It holds up to 3 cards (4 with a squeeze) and bills and the card slot is riged so your cards will cascade when you put them in for easy access. The key i added is held there with a small velcro strip so that's optional. If you request, i can design the second half to hold something other than a charger. Print Settings Printer Brand: Printrbot Printer: Simple Black Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: .2 Infill: 100 Notes: Print at 100% for rigidity (if the hinge is too stiff, print it at 25 - 30%). Print the two halves face down so that the last layer printed at the top is the outside of the wallet. this is to ensure that the best quality remains on the outside, however, if your print bed provides clean finishes, you can print it the other way if you like (uses less supports that way). even though it prints with supports and soft filament, the supports held very well and neatly for me and provided outstanding print quality. also they removed very easily and clean. the hinge can be printed lying down with supports or vertically if your printer is accurate, but slow speeds are better for this orientation and you may think about a raft as well. once they're printed, remove the supports and simply slide the hinge on. i use loctite super glue and clamp it with bulldog clips for about 30 mins to ensure that it doens't slip out when bent or that it doesn't slide out but you can use any glue of your choice (keep in mind that tpu filaments are notoriously difficult to glue so the glue i mentioned above or gorilla glue or epoxy seem to work best). and that's it. enjoy!

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