Alpha 3D Model Rocket


This is my tribute to a classic Estes kit. The Estes Alpha III was one of the first rocket kits I built as a kid. While this isn't an exact copy of that kit, it is quite similar appearance.

You can either print just the nose cone and fin canister and use standard BT-50 body tube (6" long) or you can print the body tube model using 'vase mode' (single wall spiral w/ no top or bottom).

You can use either ABS or PETG for printing. I used ESun PETG translucent orange for my 'full print' version. For ABS I've found the FoxSmart ABS to be a good and cost effective filament. The version built with a standard body tube has red FoxSmart ABS for nose cone and fin canister. The 'thick' version of the fin canister has slightly thicker fins for more durability.

Try an A8-3 for first flight, B6-4 for second flight. 

Launch video:

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