Mechwarrior 4 Calliope turrret

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Hi to everyone this model is based in the Calliope turret that apear in the mechwarrior series as you can see here at the Battletech wiki.(Sorry if my english is bad)

The instruction to mount it are this:

-1º Paste the two pieces that create the piece 2.

-2º Check that the piece 3 fits ad move inside the piece 2.

-3º Paste the piece 2 with piece 1 and piece 3 with piece 4 in the hole under it.

-4º Introduce the piece 5 in the hole in the piece 4.

-5º Paste the piece 6 with the right launcher and the 7 with the left launcher.

-6º Paste the four pieces 9 in the holes of the two pieces 8.

-7º Paste the piece 10 in the hole above in the piece 4.

-8º Paste the two pieces 11 in the piece 6.

-9º Insert the two launchers with the piece 5.

-10º Insert the all the top set with the lower set.

Now it will have to turn and the two launcher to rise and fall without problems.

(Note that my model in the photos is twice the size of the 3d model)

My printer is a Prusa I3 and the software I use to create the .stl is Cura.

This are my specifications in it.(All in mm and Cº)


-Layer height 0.15

-Shell thickness 1.2


-Bottom/Top thcikness 1.2

-Fill density 10

Speed and temperature:

-Print speed 70

-Printing temperature 200

-Bed temperature 65

If you have any problems or doubts  with it tell in the comments and i will try to fix it and answer them.

I hope that everyone of you will enjoy this model.

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Right support.stl
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Right missile launcher.stl
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Left missile launcher.stl
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Central axis.stl
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Lower central part.stl
111 KB
46.8 KB
Central part.stl
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20.8 KB
Launcher cover.stl
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Left support.stl
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38.5 KB
Upper central part.stl
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