Summary Thingiverse appeared to be missing a weeping yogi, so I found one belonging to a coworker, scanned it using 123D Catch, and cropped it into a printable result using meshmixer. Unfortunately, the original carving is absolutely tiny (that's my average-sized thumb next to it), so the resulting scan is a bit low-detail. In retrospect however, I'm quite amazed that details such as the fingers and ears were captured at all! If anyone else uploads a weeping yogi (scanned or original) that contains more detail, it would make me quite happy! After all, it seems like a good base-model to have around, either for serious applications or for making absolutely bizarre mashups. :) Instructions Slice and print using your favorite settings! For reference, the pictured print was made using my generic approach: 0.2 mm layers 2 perimeters 25% infill Replicator 1 surfaced with sober blue tape Whatever color happened to already be loaded (mostly just smoke-testing the scan/fixup pipeline as I learn how to use it)

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