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Summary Need a masquerade mask, but just can't quite fit the Low Polygon Mask into your Replicator print volume? Well, stop fretting and use OpenSCAD to trim some tiny edges off! 2013-01-01: At the last minute I slapped together and printed a stick that worked quite well as a handle (once a little silver duct tape was added on the inside of the mask). It's not perfect, but for being a ten-minute design it worked very well! 2013-01-02: Fixed the gap in the CC license-chain by switching from CC0 to CC-BY-NC-SA. Instructions Slice mask_clipped.stl without support, and print away! Some of the inside edges will droop, but once the eye holes are cleaned up, everything on the outside should look fantastic. To get some subtle transparency-effects, I used a second shell and 10% hexagonal infill with ultimachine-silver. It looks opaque when front-lit, but even a dim back-light displays the infill pattern.

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