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The Pelican dropship from Halo (specifically, the design seen in Reach). Made partly with in-game geometry. Wings/VTOL jets were intended to be repositionable but I'm not sure how well that works. I also tried to make the landing legs splay out as seen in the game but it turns out you need to have more axes of motion than printing can afford. The legs print out separately but you'll have to snap them into place and be sad that they can't come down.

The print is oriented to reduce the ugly scaffolding attachment marring that my printer does but I'm not sure how well this plays with other printers, but beware of the rear hatch since that's where the most sprue will be attached in any one place - some of the detail will be lost, unfortunately.

Also, if you liked this, check out the other stuff I've uploaded! I have a couple more Halo prints up and I've been working on some Destiny stuff as well.

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