F5 Tiger scale model 1/64

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F5 Tiger scale model 1/64, still a work in progress. I a missing connections for wings and make the grooves deeper.

Let me know what you think.

Update 11 04 17: The grooves are deeper now and the pieces have a few "pins" for alignment, all pieces have been updated.


Design Files

File Size

Fuselaje 1.stl
2.91 MB
Fuselaje 2.stl
2.03 MB
Fuselaje 3.stl
2.56 MB
Ala derecha.stl
1.18 MB
Estabilizador Derecho.stl
995 KB
Estabilizador Derecho_MIR.stl
979 KB
Ala derecha_MIR.stl
1.18 MB
Estabilizador Vertical.stl
2.13 MB
Porta Misil Derecho_MIR.stl
684 Bytes
Porta Misil Derecho.stl
684 Bytes
1.25 KB
Fuselaje 0.stl
1.12 MB


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