Ryobi Battery Pack to AC Adapter

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I inherited a bunch of Ryobi products with no batteries, and I'm not a big fan of battery powered tools anyways, as I've never felt like I got my money's worth out of them before they go, so I took Ryobi Li-Ion Battery Pack by SoundDoc and cut out parts that I didn't need, shortened the platform and added some holes for my power receptacles. 

Great work by SoundDoc on the battery model. I didn’t have an actual battery to copy and there’s no way I was doing it from scratch. Thank you so much! Its working well for my needs with my bench power supply at only 12v but I'll be on the look out for an 18v supply in the future.

Printed in PLA on the fastest settings. Everything needed supports due to the complex shapes, but printed quickly, cleaned up easily and the parts snapped together tightly. Springs and contact pads came from an old car power plug from a radar detector.

Electricity can be nasty so do this stuff at your own risk. BE SAFE EVERYONE!

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