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This is a set of rolling pin spacers to make evenly thick dough for my rolling pin that measures 54.25mm. They fit by pressure very snugly on each end. I printed these using a brim, so it added a slight bit of thickness to the ring that could be easily shaved off to account for any differences in thickness of the pin. Included are a 1/8", 1/4" and a 1/2" version for different thicknesses. The text is recessed in to one side. These were printed slowly with PETG which took about 90 minutes each and the numbers were filled using nail polish and then the flat surface was wiped with acetone. If you try this trick test your plastic with acetone before applying anything to your model. Acetone will melt ABS, and its not supposed to damage PLA, but I've ruined a piece before when it leeched the color out of it.

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