King's Chastiefol from Seven Deadly Sins

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This spear is designed after King's Spear Chastiefol. It is designed to be printed with limited support material. It requires 1/4" dowel rods and a 1" PVC pipe to complete the build.


Design Files

File Size

Cross Dome 1.stl
670 KB
Cross Dome 2.stl
670 KB
Cross Dome 3.stl
670 KB
Cross Dome 4.stl
670 KB
Cross RIng 1.stl
435 KB
Cross Ring 2.stl
435 KB
20.2 KB
Collet 1.stl
1.03 MB
Collet 2.stl
869 KB
Blade Cross 4.stl
129 KB
Blade Tip 1.stl
1.3 MB
Blade Tip 2.stl
4.66 MB
Bottom Donut.stl
1.28 MB
Bottom Spike.stl
1.04 MB
Blade Cross 1.stl
166 KB
Blade Cross 2.stl
159 KB
Blade Cross 3.stl
128 KB


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