Genny Staff from Fire Emblem

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Modeled after Genny's staff from Fire Emblem this weapon is designed to have a 1" PVC pipe act as the haft of the weapon. The entire design is cut to optimize printing and minimize support. 

Design Files

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Middle Ring Bottom.stl
294 KB
Lower Detail 2.stl
466 KB
Top Center.stl
712 KB
Staff Arc Top 2.stl
94.4 KB
Staff Arc 1.stl
144 KB
Middlle Detail 3.stl
572 KB
Sphere 1.stl
259 KB
Sphere 2.stl
259 KB
Staff Arc 2.stl
94.4 KB
Staff Arc Top 1.stl
82.6 KB
Staff Tip.stl
927 KB
Top Base.stl
569 KB
Top Bowl.stl
291 KB
Top Ring.stl
133 KB
Lower Detail 1.stl
310 KB
Middle Detail 1.stl
1.17 MB
Middle Detail 2.stl
1.16 MB


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