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Summary My wife has a Mr. Purple voice recording gadget by brandnewnoise. You should go get one now. She loves it. She loves it more than me, I think. I don't blame her, I like it too. Well the version that she got does not have a flag accessory, and she is very nervous that she will accidentally hit the record button and lose a favorite message. Print these out so that you can disguise your Mr. Purple. So she gave me a "honey-do" list this weekend, and I was able to finish it before the Super Bowl really got going. I am sharing it with you. Post-Printing Tooth paste has a fine grit. A little too tight? The flag snaps onto the cap, and you glue the outside of the cap onto something. I had to work the flag back and forth, with a little toothpaste. Then washed it all off. I think that it should be tight, so the flag can be at any attitude.

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