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Summary This puzzle was my entry for the 2014 IPP Puzzle Design Competition. It is an interlocking 5x5x5 cube which is 99% printable without support. Only the short tab on the ring piece needs support turned on. If you like this puzzle perhaps you would consider purchasing my latest and best design from here

Print Settings Printer: Mendel90 Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.2 mm Infill: 25 Notes: A nice easy print that only needs support for one of the pieces. Post-Printing The puzzle is not easy to solve as it requires rotations. I have included the solution document here, but please feel free to try and solve it on your own first if you feel up to the challenge. How I Designed This this puzzle was designed using Live Cubes and then replicated in Burr Tools. The STL files were exported from Burr Tools with cube size 10 mm, bevel 1 mm and offset 0.07 mm.

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