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This is the Flow Vase, because I made it in a Flow :-)

the idea is to print it in “vase mode” or “spiral outer contour mode”.

The blue PLA one is stretched in the Z direction to make it easier for the FDM printer to close the gaps (in Vase Mode).

The Orange ABS one is printed in normal mode, but than without infill and 0 top layers. Wall count is set to 2 layers. With the nozzle of 0.4 mm this makes the walls 0.8 mm thick. This was an attempt to make it easier for the FDM printer to close the walls without stretching the object to much in the Z direction. A disadvantage was that I had to do cleaning due to stringing. So I still prefer the “vase mode”option :-)

The Big blue One took 20 hours :-) and is 50 cm high.

This is file “flow vase3.stl” and is scaled 200% in the Z direction.

Printed without a bottom.

I experimented with light and that gave some illusive light effects.

I tried to capture it on photo..

Note: for making it easier on the FDM printer I made  different models.

“flow vase3.stl” is the easiest.

“flow vase.stl” should be printed easy when Z is stretch out to 160%

Design Files

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