This is a major modification to Nightlight1. The inner light shape is the same, but I replaced the outer shape with a hexagonal grid that I developed for things like colandars or open baskets. This is the most complex design I have made so far, so here is more than you could ever want to know about it.

  • Photo 1 shows the light off during the day with the LED puck light that goes inside. This type of LED light is quite common; they come in both battery and wall power versions. Search for "LED puck" and you will find lots of alternatives.
  • Photo 3 is the light on during the day; photo 5 is the same but at night.
  • Photo 6 is a top view; the inner surface is round, but the outer cage is oval. I thought this made the whole thing more interesting.
  • Photo 4 is a close-up of the hex grid. Note that there are both hexagon and diamond shapes. This is the result of the hexagons being grouped parallel to each other rather than offset like they are in chicken wire fences. Cagelight1 will have offset hexagons.
  • Photo 6 shows the waffle shape I put on the bottom. This reduces the amount of filament required, makes for easier removal from the print bed, and prevents warping due to cooling contraction.
  • The part printed in 33 1/4 hours using a 0.200 mm layer height. The STL file is named BK1 for BigKahuna1; it is the first part made by combining the geometry definitions for 4 different parts: the circular light shape, the light bottom/LED holder, the hex cage, and the hex cage waffle bottom.

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