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I wanted to have a printer that can be transported easy without being damaged in transport.

The housing is as small as possible while keeping standard print dimensions. This one can print 200x200x380mm. To keep it light, the housing is made from 9mm plywood. It is basically a square box with the printer mounted inside. So you can make your own housing or frame. Of course the housing is an advantage if you want to print ABS.  Then I wanted this printer as fast as possible, because there’s not always much time, printing on site :-). Therefore I used a Bowden setup and a very light X and Y car. The vase printed in the picture is printed at 60mm/s in PLA. I want to test this printer with higher speed, but didn’t have time jet. The Red fan ducts on the side of the nozzle are not my own design (RoPa here on Thingiverse : http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...).

Because my printers are very often connected to polluted mains (there are welding, milling and grinding machines nearby), there is a simple mains filter build in. This filter kills most of the EMF frequencies to the Arduino. The Atmel chip can do strange things under EMF stress. Normally I prefer a second ferrite coil but I didn’t have one.  For the schematic please see the picture. Note that the capacitors need to be of an X2 and Y2 class so that if they die they are guaranteed not to short. C1 & C2 need to be of class X2. C3 & C4 need to be of class Y2. Also this filter needs to be in a metal case (see picture) and must be earthed always!

The controller is an Arduino and a Ramps 14 running on marlin. I included the marlin.ino in the Zip file. For information about configuring Marlin you could consult : http://marlinfw.org/docs/confi...

To hold the Teflon tubing in place, I used a gland nut. For some reason the original tube holders I have do not work very well.   


  • “total ass printer without housing binary.stl” is meant as an assembly example.

If you have questions or do you think I forgot something, feel free to ask or comment :-)


Parts List for the printer:

2X 608Z bearing

4XGT2 wheel with bearing (bore 3mm) (F625zz)

2XGT2 pulley 5mm bore

2X T2 timing belt (length is determined by the length of the X and Y axis)

2X 8mm spindles and nut ,trapezoid (or treated rode 8mm and M8 nut)

4X Linear bearing LM8UU for the 8mm rods

8X Linear bearing LM10UU for the 10 mm rods

1X drive gear (26 teeth) for extruder

4X gliding rod 10mm (length is determined by the length of the Z & Y axis)

2X gliding rod 8mm (length is determined by the length of the X axis)

2X T2 timing belt (length is determined by the length of the X and Y axis)

3X Nema 17 stepper motor (such as 3X SHENLI SL42S247A 2,5A or Wantai 42BYGHW811)

2X Nema 17 stepper motor for Z axis with max length of 38mm (such as 42BYGHW208)

1X Hot End (heater, heater block, Heat break and Thermistor 100K)

1X Heat Bed (MK3 Aluminum) & Thermistor 100K & 4 springs

1X spring for Extruder

2X Teflon Tube Holder or wartel (gland nut)

1X Teflon tube (length depends on the height of the z Axis)

1X Ramps 14

1X Arduino Mega

4X Stepper driver (DRV8825, A4988 or TMC2100)

1X Power supply 12V 360W and wire for the motors, switches etc.

3X End switch

1X mains power inlet

1X fuse holder

3x 30x30mm fan

1X 80x80mm fan

1X mains switch

1X 12v switch and led strip

1X LED 5mm for back light SD Card slot

Wood panel 9mm for the housing

Poly carbonate glass plate 2mm

Woodscrews 6mm


Paint for the housing

Bolts & Nuts

For the Heat Bed & Y axis :

33X M3 nut

4X M3 x40mm

4X M3 X20mm

24X M3 x10mm

4X M3 x6mm

For the X axis and car:

20X M3 nut

2X M3 x40mm

18X M3 x20mm

4X M3 x6mm

For the Z axis:

13X M3 nut

13X M3 X10mm

8X M3 X6mm

If you think I forgot something on this list, please inform me :-)

Bolts, nuts & screws for the housing are not included in this list. If you want to know feel free to ask :-)

The hinges use M4 x60mm bolts

Design Files

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RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/80mm fan cover1.stl
3.12 MB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/80mm fan cover2.stl
4.06 MB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/Arduino mega mount part1.stl
340 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/case grip.stl
293 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/Y axis tensioner.stl
291 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/window bracket corner.stl
25.3 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/window bracket.stl
33.2 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/Y axis end switch bracket.stl
544 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/powersupplay bracket.stl
46.3 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/X axis motor side.stl
3.09 MB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/X axis tensioner.stl
57.5 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/Z axis spindel bearing holder right.stl
159 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/X axis right side.stl
2.91 MB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/Y axis motor bracket.stl
129 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/X axis timingbelt bracket.stl
157 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/X car.stl
663 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/Z axis motor bracket left.stl
1.51 MB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/sjabloon y axis tensioner side.stl
132 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/Z axis spindel bearing holder left.stl
159 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/Z axis motor bracket right.stl
1.57 MB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/sjabloon z motor bracket.stl
51.7 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/teflon tube inlet guide bracket.stl
58.7 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/teflon tube inlet guide.stl
60.8 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/wartel holder.stl
507 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/teflon tube inlet.stl
136 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/bearing holder heat bed.stl
917 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/corner for housing.stl
94.3 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/corner lock part2.stl
96.8 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/corner lock part5.stl
7.41 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/Extruder lever.stl
159 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/Extruder wartel holder.stl
119 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/filament holder part2 76mmspacer.stl
184 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/filament holder part3.stl
458 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/full graphic smart controller panel mounting window.stl
134 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/full graphic smart controller panel panel behind sdCard2.stl
64.4 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/full graphic smart controller panel switch knob.stl
74.4 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/heatbed base.stl
162 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/heatbed spring bracket mirror.stl
34.1 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/hinge housing part1.stl
135 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/hinge2 housing part1.stl
129 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/hinge2 housing part2.stl
114 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/power inlet panel.stl
509 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/simple 9mm panel lock part1.stl
126 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/simple 9mm panel lock part3B.stl
42.5 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/sjabloon y axis motor side.stl
121 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/80mm fan cover3.stl
3.95 MB
ramps 1.4.docx
584 KB
2.29 KB
38.8 KB
4.07 KB
10.5 KB
55.1 KB
1019 Bytes
6.99 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/full graphic smart controller panel.stl
680 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/Extruder main body.stl
268 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/filament holder part1.stl
346 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/full graphic smart controller panel menu knob.stl
199 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/hotend bracket.stl
349 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/corner lock part4.stl
27.3 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/heatbed spring bracket.stl
34.1 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/hinge housing part2.stl
124 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/10mm rod bracket.stl
790 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/Arduino mega mount part2.stl
94.6 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/corner lock part1.stl
167 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/corner lock part3.stl
68.2 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/filament holder part2 68mmspacer.stl
164 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/filament holder part2 90mmspacer.stl
237 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/filament holder part4.stl
31.1 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/full graphic smart controller panel panel behind sdCard.stl
873 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/full graphic smart controller panel panel behind sdCard3.stl
305 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/heatbed timing belt bracket.stl
33.1 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/M8 to M5 connector.stl
1.16 MB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/power inlet panel mounting frame.stl
78.9 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/simple 9mm panel lock part2.stl
71.1 KB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/simple 9mm panel lock part3A.stl
35.3 KB
RackMultipart20180202-23302-1sofnn1.zip/total ass printer without housing binary.stl
19.8 MB
RackMultipart20180201-2672-1f5hrjv.zip/simple 9mm panel lock part4.stl
39.5 KB


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