Lord Darth Vader Star Wars shirt cufflink

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Summary Hello every one! make Your self this awesome Vader cufflinks and be elegant with style:) May the force be with You! Print Settings Printer Brand: Zortrax Printer: Zortrax M200 Rafts: Yes Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.09 Infill: low Notes: use the best resolution You have. Print in ABS!! Print it standing with supports for best ressolution. About hour to make Post-Printing ALWAYS USE GLOVES TO HOLD IT!! Any dirt or fat will destroy it. Use simple "super glue" to mount the cufflink base. I used 14mm cufflinks base. Use some strong paper to make piramid for abs bath (see photo). For ABS bath do it that way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2lm6FuaAWI Your models will look AWESOME :)) It took me from two rounds, every about 45 minutes to have best effect. You should try what works for You the best. After it will be dry (REMEMBER TO ALWAYS USE GLOWES !!) spray it with clear ABS primer. When it will dry cufflinks will be ready:) How I Designed This Model in Blender

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