Inky Pac-Man Ghost Raspberry Pi 3 Retropie Cinu case v0.8

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Summary You can see it working here: Raspberry Pi 3 case inspired by Pac-Man ghost. It is made for retropie case. . So I want to make case to look like a consol, biger that Gamecube You can see in backgroung. I think i done it to fat and little slimer ghost would look much better but it is the first one i really strugled to make place for all the cables, but it is catproof this way:) . I put charger inside so all i need is standard console power cable. I put all slots on back, but for now there is no internet socket and jack. I also put sd card extender so i can access sd card easier. I also made power button from his eye, so my kids can use this to with easy. IMO most iconic games off all time are Tetris, Mario series and Pac Man . I didnt know how to make tetris case look good for me, and imo Mario is sooo much nintendo related and I wanted some thing related to just games. So You see what i choose:) I dont like yellow or red, so I wanted to make Pinky just to make it visible from all over the room and make it stand out from every thing. But from Christmas i'm making my image. This is a never ending story but it would imposible to me if not great job of David Marti who made this awesome image Motion Blue. David thank You for that image and Your work. It is v0.8 just because i didnt have time to add screws, change a bit to fit raspberry pi better, make some additional stuff like rp placement, make wall thinkness less... i will fix this when i will have time Print Settings Printer Brand: Zortrax Printer: Zortrax M200 Rafts: Yes Supports: No Resolution: 0.19 Infill: low Notes: all printed lie on table, printed on Z-Ultrat and Z-ABS Post-Printing I add 3v leds for lights. i add charger and place on/off power switch in left eye (this is electric switch like in the foot lamp power switch, I added a 5v fan. Use hdmi, usb and sd card extender. For blinking lights on the bottom i use also 3v leds, there is instruction in pdf here. How I Designed This made in Blender

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