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Sometimes you just need a little more reach and do not want to use the double hinge setup that GoPro sells so this just lets you get an inch and a half more reach when needed. In this case it helps me use my GoPro Session with this mouth mount I could make it work without it and the setup GoPro sells is just a mess..  The rounded design is useful for the times when your mount can not fully rotate to the position you need because something is in the way.  This design gives you options to get the angle you need. 

All you need is to get the acorn nut I believe the thread is an M5.  Something like this would be a nice add to the setup.

The extra material on the base of the design is there to help you get a solid grip on the plateform and a nice level build. Just remove the extra when done for a proper setup.  Or just get the GoPro Adapter.stl file with no extra material added. 

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