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So I heard about your contest a week ago and had this design pop in my head last night.. I will be gone most of the weekend so threw this together today..  I make hands for kids that may be missing  something, they are not super practical but it generally makes them feel complete.. So this is an attempt at a practical option that could server many. many purposes since you can design a new tool anytime and have it printed to swap out and add to your tool kit..

The design I have here and I will design more is to try and do many things with one setup like open drawers, pull up pants, hold pots for cooking.. Flashlights while camping.. Maybe a hook on the back could be added to hold grocery bags when shopping.. Lots and lots of options I really like the plateform. 

If someone had a wrist I have the one design that allows them to flex and work with the tools better. If there is no wrist then the solid option with attachements would work best.. 

A simple push button release to swap a new tool in and out. I would make it more burly the next run but for now its just to do the proof of concept.. touch and hold it and see what I can do with it.. There would be some design changes as well and some glue in parts to make it super tidy.. 

Just finishing some prints for a complete unit so pictures to come..  I have tested the attachment and it works well for a handful of things..  It would need to be made in a left and right configuration this one is for a right hand..  If someone was to come up with specifics those tools could be designed easily and made to work with the setup ..  This seems much more practical for everyday usage to allow the user to do more... More of everything..  


These files will need to be updated I just made a few to test and get a feel for what it would work like.. now I will need to spend a little time to get the base unit setup.. then solid attachment options that will require gluing so that you can print them on smaller printers so there will be some creative designs for strength and things in each file to acheive a productive tool..  should be awesomesauce.. 

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