3D Printed Miniature Glider - Balsa Glider Style!!!

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Awesome miniature 3D printed glider that is similar to the balsa wood gliders so many of us cherished as kids. Prints and assembles incredibly fast and is fun to fly. Flies amazing and if you catch a headwind just right you can have incredibly long glide time and distance.

Check out our video on how to make them: https://youtu.be/uy2kXmUjdzQ

We will also post more specifics on our website as soon as possible: https://www.3d-flight.com/

Important!: We used a .2mm nozzle and the wing and fuselage are done with single outer layer because we wanted them to be really light and keep the wing loading down. The glider may crack and break but just glue it back together, its quick and easy. They print so quick just print multiple at a time.

Just use some super glue and accelerator (optional) to assemble. for the weight we taped a fishing weight to the front (2g)

Nozzle: .2mm 

Extrusion Width: .2mm 

Layer Height: .150mm 

Nozzle Temperature: 215 c

Wing and fuselage parts: 

1 layer outer perimeter (important for weight) 

0% infill No top/bottom layers

Horizontal and Vertical Tail: 

3 top and bottom layers 

20% infill

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Glider - Fuselage1.STL
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Glider - Fuselage2.STL
47.5 KB
Glider - Nose.STL
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Glider - Tail - Vertical.STL
3.01 KB
Glider - Tail.STL
5.16 KB
Glider - WingL1.STL
22.3 KB
Glider - WingL2.STL
166 KB
Glider - WingR1.STL
22.3 KB
Glider - WingR2.STL
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