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Auto Bed Levelling for the TEVO TARANTULA with the popular LJ12A3-4-Z/BX-5V from eBay. Print with the large flat section facing down on the bed.

No more servo's no more touch probes!! 

I designed this carriage as I was tired of having to level the bed almost every print. It uses 3 roller's instead of the standard 4. The carriage sits nice and square now and you only have one eccentric nut to worry about, HEAPS easier. I've also included a small recess for the X limit switch bolt heads so that they no longer drag along the X axis.

I have used the proximity sensor with the part number listed above, but the standard one that works from 6-30 volts will also fit in this carriage, but you will need a voltage divider before wiring it up, there's a thousand videos on youtube if you don't know how to make a voltage divider. 

Firmware attached in the .zip file is the Marlin firmware that I am currently using in my Tevo, there have been some notes added through the 'Configuration.h' file with regards to the settings that I have changed as you may have to change them to suit your printer. Just open the ALBATRONic.ino (i know i know...) file and your away. 

The big one will be the Z probe height obviously, it is currently set at 4mm, so if you set the nozzle against the bed, and have the probe 4mm above the nozzle, you should be good to go. 

(I have actually set my nozzle .5mm above the nozzle though so that it can probe through 3mm glass when i print ABS, there is a note in the Configuration.h file that points out the appropriate height setting to change - make sure you double check it before you go flat out THIS IS AWESOME BED LEVEL MODE, because you will probably crash and that sucks....)

Once the Firmware is uploaded you can either select Bed Levelling through the menu on the LCD screen before your print, or like i have done, alter your slicer settings to include these two lines at the start of your print!

"G28 X0 Y0" // (home x & y axis) "G29" // (perform bed mesh levelling before the print)

As always, this is open source firmware and i take no credit for its development and no responsibility if something explodes because you uploaded it, but, this is the exact firmware that I am currently using and my printer was built off ArcadEd's walkthrough, so if you followed that you should be good!!

Drop us a $$ if you like it and don't forget to put up the I MADE ONE photos.


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