Tevo Tarantula E3DV6 with Marlin Firmware

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E3D V6 Extruder mount to suit TEVO Tarantula X Carriage. 

Carriage mounts with all standard hardware in standard locations. Extruder clamped on with 2 M6 bolts and nuts left over in packaging. E3D tip is slightly higher than standard tip, so Z height will need to be altered, only about 5 mm. 

I have had a few Pm's with regards to firmware changes, I just blundered through google and youtube until I worked out what I needed to change. There's a better way though! I have included the Marlin firmware that I use on my Tevo for you guys to download and use. 

This is Marlin Open Source Firmware and while it has worked for hundreds of hours on my Tevo Tarantula, it may not work on yours. I take no responsibility for you uploading this firmware. I have not worked on the development of the project or the firmware, I have just changed some settings to modify my Tevo. Again, I have used these EXACT files for hundreds of hours, but you may have built your printer differently to mine. I built my printer based on "ArcadEd"s online tutorials, so if you followed them, all of your limit switches and travel moves SHOULD be the same as mine.

I have added some notes through the Firmware specific to the values that I have changed. I strongly suggest you check all of the values and limits before uploading to your printer, and again before your first print! Of course though, if you're downloading this extruder carriage and firmware, you must have already crashed your printer a BAZILLION times like I did, I just thought this might make it a bit easier for the printer noobs like myself!!

My extruder is an Ebay clone, and the PID settings for the thermistor may not be the same as the original version or the same as the cloned version you have purchased. I recommend downloading "pronterface" and watching some youtube to work out how to do a PID autotune, there is also a note on the values that I have changed so it will be easy to see which ones to change once you have your specific values. Even if everything does work properly, i would recommend doing a PID auto tune at some stage, and again every couple hundred hours of printing, it helps temperature control SO MUCH!!

Any questions, fire them through and I'll do my best to help. If you like the files drop me a Dollar or Two, its much appreciated and will spur on some further Tevo Hack Uploads.

Hopefully everything works for you, Happy Printing!!

Remember to upload photos of your print too!!

Print Settings

Supports: Yes 

Resolution: .2 

Infill: at least 25% 

Notes: Printed at 10% infill and it works but for strength recommend at least 50% infill (helps when you crash it into the bed while re setting your Z 0).

NB: should work on basically any 20x20 aluminium extrusion based X gantry. That is essentially what the Tevo is. Provided the limit switches and belt orientation suit.

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