E3DV6 40x40x20 Cooling Fans

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Summary I odered a bunch of these 40x40x20 blower fans to use as cooling fans on my Tevo and I thought "just use them for everything!!"The photos included are Printed with PLA and no cooling fan (as it hadn't been printed yet).

I'd probably knock one up in ABS though if you intend to print ABS long term. Unscrew the standard 30x30 fan from the E3D shroud and screw this mount straight on! Mount the centre fan first, the standoff's are for the right hand fan because it needs to be mounted arse about face to the other two. 

No supports needed. 

A couple sneaky internal fillets and chamfers let the printer build up the internal ducting. The air outlet is angled down towards the nozzle internally so dont stress about it not having a "nozzle". 

No supports

Resolution: .2 Infill: 25% - 100% Notes: No supports needed. Print with air outlet facing down onto build plate

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