Wanhao D6/Monoprice Ultimate stepper damper bracket for X/Y axis

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Summary A remix of Empiricus's stepper mount for use with vibration dampeners on the X and Y axis for the Wanhao D6/Monoprice Ultimate printer. This allows for mounting vibration dampener equipped steppers without having to reverse the toothed gear on the motor spindle, and changes in gantry clearance. I found the original damper bracket to be a great idea, but over engineered for my tastes. This remixed bracket should be more than strong enough, prints quickly, installs easily, has generous tolerances, and has no problems using original stepper mounting screws. Print Settings Printer Brand: Wanhao Printer: Duplicator 6 Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: .2mm Infill: 20% Notes: I used generous 4mm brim to make certain that there was no curling up from the bed, and regular Hatchbox PLA. Just about any filament that's reasonably stiff should work, though.

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