Wire Terminal Bus Strip


Summary There is nothing that can't be re-engineered to make it a lot more complicated. ValarmLLC's terminal connector was a great starting point, but I needed to make some modifications to have 8 terminals, two rows, and a space underneath to jumper the terminals together into bus bars. My design is printed in multiple parts, depending on what you need Single row with slide-on post cover that snaps into place Dual row, where you print two of the slide-on post covers Single or dual row base that snaps on, optional, if you need protection from shorts on the surface you are mounting to. To make this a bus bar rather than just post connectors, jumper the connections together underneath as needed with wire. Like in the original, it's sized for #6-32 screws and hex nuts, and length should be around 3/8". Washers are a good idea as well, although technically not required. #6 sheet metal or similar screws should work for the mounting points. Thing is designed not to need supports when printing. I used PETG, but I don't see why PLA or ABS shouldn't also work just fine.

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