Pelvic Titan Aero Dual 40mm Blower Fan Mount

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Summary This is a dual 40mm blower fan mount for the Titan Aero, in a pelvis-like arrangement. Works well. Note in this picture I am using AE9RB's kossel effector. Print Settings Printer: Ultibots D300VS Rafts: No Supports: Doesn't Matter Resolution: .2 Infill: 25% Notes: I used PETG to print the one I'm using on my printer, but PLA or ABS should be fine. Honestly, ABS is probably the best choice for weight (but I can't stand the smell). Post-Printing Required hardware I used two of the bolts from the Aero kit to attach the mount to the extruder. Depending on the way you're mounting the Aero to your printer, you may need different m3 bolts. Of course, this also requires two 40x20mm blower fans, 6x m3x20mm bolts, and 6x m3 nuts.

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