Thor's Hammer raspberry pi 3 case

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The god of thunder has a new toy. Ready to print with ease, And camera ready. This raspberry pi 3 case is designed for easy printing and easy access to your pi when installed. A flip down door to access the SD card and a slide off top to access the pi. There is an optional stand and disc for the more authentic look. The two end panels can be printed separate for a better result along with the door which should be pushed into panel before mounting  panel to main body. 

The handle can be printed in two parts or as a whole. I have also provided a complete main body which will need a lot of supports. The lid just locks in place by sliding in and the side panels can be  screwed in place or glued,  Along with the handle and the optional disc.    

Hope you enjoy the latest addition to my ever growing pi enclosures.   

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Main Body.stl
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Right Panel.stl
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Bottom Disc.stl
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331 KB
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Handle Full.stl
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Handle Top.stl
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2.34 MB
Left Panel.stl
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Main Body (Camera).stl
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