Starwars Deathstar raspberry Pi 3 case


I present the Deathstar raspberry pi 3 enclosure.

Designed to house the pi 3 with an option for a 30mm fan to be mounted in top dome.

Designed with easy printing in mine the case is sectioned into 4 parts. 10 M3 x 15mm screws are required but the top and bottom dome can be glues if you so desire.

The finished 2 halves lock together with a slot pin at the front and a hidden screw at back to hold in place. Also an option to print either a solid bottom section where the top half is needed to be removed the access the SD card or the version with a section cut out to remove SD card from the side of the case.

The stand is solid and designed to keep the case from rolling but also no to look that out of place with the model.

Vents at back for extra cooling.

The only files that will need minimal supports are the Top (laser dish) section and the top fan dome section.

Please enjoy

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UPDATE: Pi camera v2 top option and smaller lock to match have been added.

Design Files

File Size

Bottom (SD cutout).stl
965 KB
Bottom dome.stl
872 KB
1010 KB
55.7 KB
50.8 KB
65.4 KB
491 KB
Top dome (Fan).stl
1.02 MB
Top dome.stl
952 KB
1.24 MB
1.23 MB


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