T16000M and TWCS brackets for 20mm Tslot

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Summary Mounting Brackets for Thrustmaster T16000M stick and TWCS throttle. I designed both using the cockpit diagrams from thrustmaster(attached) to have 20mm t slot extrusion between a pair of brackets. Small brackets for the stick, with 50mm separation between mounting holes, and bigger brackets for the throttle, with 130mm separation between holes. Vertical spacing irrelevant, as brackets can slide on Tslot to appropriate position. Vitametavegamins: 4x M6 26mm Flathead screws, 4x M5 50mm Socket head screws, 4x M5 25mm Flathead screws. I would have standardized them, but this is what i had lying around. I try not to go buying hardware for every new project. Not when I can design parts to fit the hardware I have on hand.

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