YinYang Dice Tower

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Summary So this is a dice tower. Based on a yin yang. The two spirals are 33mm diameter, which allow my largest die(29.5 across corners) to fit inside when printed spiral vase with a 1mm volcano nozzle. The big spiral part was designed with SV in mind. The other two pieces can be done however. I sized it with an 8mm gap in the middle for some 8mm or 5/16 threaded rod. The part was optimized for the build volume of my big printer, 300mm square 400mm tall. Ridges on the underside of the tube promote tumbling. Pyramids on the outer wall of the tray mimic the wall of a craps table, but i rarely see a die hit them. The 33mm cone can be placed in the tray to better show off a yin yang shape, but the entrance of the opposite tower is also at the position of the opposite color dot. When viewed from above, it looks like a yin yang.

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